An Unwanted Crown

An Unwanted Crown by Carrie Zylka | Horror | Copyright 2016 | She was never in line for the crown, but the people had different thoughts on the succession.

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One thought on “An Unwanted Crown”

  1. Carrie,
    Found this bit of “horrorl as you classified it, to actially be a delightful short vignette of fantasy violence!
    After all, you spun a tail of an evil ruling family that had but a single kind soul in their home. Futhermore, we learn she was outspoken to the masses against her own ruling family’s abuses of their people.
    So no surprise to me that they tose up against their monarchs in such a violent manner.
    But I liked your story as out was.clear, concise, & very well constructed in the way you told it. It makes me feel for the main character, the princess, knowing nothing of her appearance or intelligence…only her name, Epona, & she is just.
    Thanks, as I enjoyed it. I like your writing style. You can spin a good yarn!
    twitter: Markjsegal

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