Because To The Gods We Matter Not

Because To The Gods We Matter Not by Carrie Zylka
When two beings use sex as a negotiating chip, things heat up rather quickly. But to the Gods we are little more than monsters.
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“Because To The Gods We Matter Not.” Copyright 2016 Carrie Zylka

“It’s been a long time since I drank champagne.” Susan spoke as she raised the glass.

Damon stared at the moisture on her blood red lips. Plump and full, her mouth parted as she sipped the expensive drink. “Do you like it?” He asked.

“Very much so.” She sipped again.

He leaned back on the couch, throwing his arm over the back and watched her; she knew why he was here. He’d made no qualms about circulating rumors of his intent. Her love of exotic drinks was well known and he’d hoped the expensive champagne would soften her to his request.

Susan leaned back against the desk and looked at him. This one who would ask such a thing of her. It was of course well within her power to grant such a request. He was quite charming after all, and powerful. And he would be a good one to call on if she needed a favor on down the line.

“When will the purge happen?” Damon asked, his eyes glittering at the thought.

“As soon as I’ve secured the creatures I’d like to save.” She sipped again. “And secured the ones you’re here to ask for of course.”

Damon smiled slightly. “Surely a couple of the more sentient beings won’t matter to you, but they’ll be a fantastic addition to my menagerie.”

Susan slowly uncrossed and crossed her legs. “And what do I get in return if I grant your request?” She asked, he voice low and husky. The act was not lost on him and his heart lurched.

He caught her eyes with his as the corner of his mouth ticked up. “I’m sure we could work something out.” He uncoiled like a cobra and walked to where she leaned. Invading her personal space he stood close, almost too close. He reached up and lightly touched the pulse at the base of her throat, the only indication of her excitement. She didn’t move, arm still crossed, glass of champagne in one hand held close to her lips. His fingers slowly trailed down her throat to her chest, lightly tracing the curve of her cleavage. She wore a low cut dress and her breasts were outstanding.

He was excited by this creature, beautiful and powerful who met his gaze without any hesitation. Susan put down the glass and leaned back, placing each hand on the desk at her side. Damon reached down and took a hold of one knee, forcing her legs apart.

He leaned forward and his hand moved slowly up her thigh, he was delighted at the wetness he found there.

But his anticipation was short lived as she threw back her head and let out a throaty laugh. Pushing his hand away she twisted out from against him. “Did you really think you could seduce me into handing over such a species? Trust me Damon, your manhood is not worth quite that much.”

His face flaming red at her rejection, Damon stood there with fists clenched. “You’ve been the ruler of that world for what? Six hundred years? And in that span you’ve allowed the Land of Monsters to run amok.”

“So what? What’s it to you?” She shrugged.

“Because it sucks. The Collaborative decides because you can’t handle ruling them, the entire planet must be destroyed.”

She shrugged. “I’ve had other things to attend to rather than a bunch of beasts who’ve decided to rebel against me.”

“I want some for myself. What difference does it make to you? The whole world will be destroyed, wiped out, you won’t even have to waste a single thought on them. But I would like to add a few to my menagerie. For nostalgia sake.”

Susan sighed and looked at him, calculating. She was a young but ambitious goddess and had been given three different worlds to rule; she’d focused on two of them, but had let Earth get away from her watchful eye.

Damon had been a God for five of her life cycles. Full of experience and power, she couldn’t deny she was greatly attracted to him, despite her act of denial.

She tugged at her lip as she took a step toward him. This time it was her turn to invade his personal space. They stared at each other, not speaking. She took another half step bringing their bodies into full contact. She could feel his arousal hard against her. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “How many do you want?”

He swallowed, giving him the moment he needed to recover from the sudden rush of delight. “Five couples. Two white, two black, two brown, two yellow, two red.”

The sound of his voice, low with lust ignited something in her. “Convince me I should give them to you.” She whispered, her hands moving upwards across his chest. She gently kissed his jaw and he buried his face in her hair. “Prove to me that they should not be destroyed with the rest of the planet. Convince me that I should give you ten of these humans for your zoo…”

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