Horror Story Wrap Up, October 2016

Thank you to all the writers who submitted a story for the 2016 Horror Fest.

Below you’ll find links to all the stories published on the A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast.

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Hansel and Gretel & My Lord Bag of Rice (NSFW) Two tales of gruesome horror, this double feature is full of fairy tales of old…revisited and revamped to put a writers unique spin on them.
(15 minutes)


Verde Prato (The Three Sisters) The youngest sister gets her revenge.
(7 minutes)


Found A young woman’s past comes back to haunt her on the night of a Black Moon.
(9 minutes)


Why Her Riding Hood Was Red Another fairy tale revisited and revamped. This ain’t ya mama’s Little Red Riding Hood.
(6 minutes)


The Unfortunate Darby Cooper Be careful who you call for help.
(10 minutes)


The Game (NSFW) The prize is your life, but who will win the game?
(9 minutes)


The Looking Glass The mysterious Edgar Poggit, pays a visit to another victim…um,er friend in need.
(9 minutes)


Witch Hunt (NSFW) a spooky tale of friends looking for the grave of the last executed witch. Life Lesson #23, Don’t go in the woods lookin’ for dead witches.
(10 minutes)


Blood Moon (NSFW) Two sisters fight the natural urge to kill.
(7 minutes)


The Shadow Woman Even the dead fear her.
(11 minutes)


The Good Neighbor & Black Ink Vein (NSFW) Two tales of gruesome horror, this double feature is full of blood and mayhem.
(20 minutes)


American Witch (NSFW) A young girl is accused of witchcraft.
(21 minutes)


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